E-cigarettes are posing a threat to youths


E- cigarettes was initially a product targeted to smokers who wanted to quit the habit, but has now become increasingly mainstream as it is touted as being a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. For smoking adults, then, the benefits seem manifold, as e-cigarettes do not involve the combustion of tobacco. But one commonly overlooked fact is the harm posed by these e-cigarette to children.

Enticing flavors

Increasingly new flavors are being released in the market, ranging from vanilla to cherry …

How to Stop Smoking Electronic Cigarettes: Combating Cravings

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If you have been using electronic cigarettes then you know first hand that they are just as addictive as tobacco cigarettes. That is because the drug nicotine is the active chemical in both. If you have switched from tobacco cigarettes to an e-cig, and you are looking to quit smoking forever, than you need to quit e-cigs just like you would quit tobacco. Quitting smoking is hard and you will need to find ways to keep your hands and mind …

5 Hazards of Smoking E Cigarettes

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There is very few scientific studies done on the effects of electronic cigarettes in the body as of yet. They have hit the world by storm and have become the popular alternative for smokers who want to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, but are they really safe and less addicting than tobacco cigarettes? Many health professionals are advising against the use of e-cigs here is five reasons why.

• E-cigs May Entice Children to Start Using Nicotine

Electronic cigarettes …

How to Stay Busy When Craving an Electronic Cigarette

The Benefits Of E-Cigarettes

Some people switch to electronic cigarettes to reap the benefits of being able to still get their nicotine fix without all the added chemicals of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Others will use e-cigs as a stepping stone to help ease the pain of quitting smoking altogether by cutting down your nicotine slowly by purchasing e-juice that contains less nicotine and gradually going down until you reach zero milligrams of nicotine in your e-juice.

Once you have reached zero, you make …

Cigarette Ingredients – What’s in a Small Electronic Cigarette?

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One of the arguments that are popular amongst healthcare professionals in regards to electronic cigarettes is that you do not really know what is in them because they are not regulated. It is believed by some that you do not know what you are getting, chemical wise, when it comes to purchasing the e-juice to be used in your e-cig. This is simply not true.As shocking and scary as it sounds, you can definitely rest assured that customer safety regulations …

Withdrawal Symptoms of Smoking

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Deciding to quit smoking is the start and also the most important part of the smoking cessation process.  Your commitment to stopping smoking will be your source of strength in the whole process.

It will be a long and often frustrating process. Most especially if you’ve been a smoker for 10 years or more since the habit has already embedded itself onto your system and diminishing. Your craving would take more than your will power because aside from being …

The Best Electronic and Electric Cigarettes

Best Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes commonly referred as e-cigarette were introduced into the US market in 2009 after gaining lots of popularity in Europe. Also referred as “smokeless cigarettes”, electronic cigarettes continue to gain acceptance by the masses largely due to the fact that they offer a much healthier alternative as compared to smoking traditional cigarettes. Below we offer some of the Best Electronic Cigarettes on the market today!use this link www.aussie-ecigarette-reviews.com for more detailed information and updates.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

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Electronic Cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes have become a high “in demand” product lately. It seems more and more folks are looking for the smarter alternative. Electronic cigarettes, often called an E cig, are helping a tremendous amount of people around the world to quit smoking and other types of tobacco products. Smart smokers everywhere are turning to these electrical devices to help with their addiction to nicotine without the harmful smoke that comes from cigarettes. These electric cigarettes work very well for the …